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Why Townhomes Enable Carefree Living for Distinctive Lifestyles

October 30, 2019

The benefits of owning a home are many, and as a busy professional or active family, you might agree that the ideal situation is the one that compliments your lifestyle. 

Chester County homebuilder, Bentley Homes understands this well, and their townhomes strive to create the perfect fit for those who appreciate the luxury a new home brings plus a desirable level of privacy in a relaxing, low maintenance environment.   

Two attractive townhome communities by Bentley Homes include Walnut Walk and Pemberton featuring new homes, in neighborly settings, with minimal yard work and exterior maintenance.

Enjoy Your Quiet Time

Unlike living in an apartment, a luxury townhome features no other tenants living above or below, and therefore much less transferable noise. Instead, vertical living spaces allow for extensions of your lifestyle in the way of additional bedrooms and finished basements. 

Although residences may share a common wall, that dimension is built with additional insulation, so that residents can enjoy the luxury of peace and quiet.     

Fix it Forward

Living in a townhouse community also presents the advantage that, should the need for repairs arise, your HOAmembership often has you covered. 

Monthly and/or yearly dues may include upkeep on home exteriors as well as ongoing landscaping and groundskeeping that would normally be your responsibility, should you have chosen to own a single-family home. Routine maintenance on things like rain gutters and light fixtures are often handled by a professional company so that you can better spend your free time relaxing or with your family.  

Meet Your Neighbors

Townhome communities often encourage tight-knit networks of friends and associates. If you enjoy neighborly relationships, imagine living in an environment where genuine concern for the wellbeing of others can be reciprocated by those living all around you. 

Holidays, evenings and weekends can be spent socializing in the recreational spaces and along the tree-lined streets throughout the neighborhood.

Forget the Lawn

Another great thing that homebuilders in Chester County take into consideration when planning a townhome community is the extensive care it can take to maintain a lawn and landscaping.

Those who love the sight and smell of green grass but prefer not to have to mow it might prefer a community that features trimmed lawns, lush shade trees and blossoming flowerbeds that are cared for by the HOA, for the enjoyment of the residents and their visitors. 

Should you suddenly sprout a green thumb, many townhome properties have front and/or backyard areas for flowerbeds and private gardens.   

Save Every Season

The design of a townhome and the fact that it shares a common wall with another property means greater retention of indoor air during the warmer and cooler months. This makes for greater energy efficiency and lower bills for heating and air conditioning. 

Further, having consistent on-site maintenance can prevent unforeseen weather-related expenses such as vegetation overgrowth in the summer and snow removal in the winter. 

You can enjoy the benefits of homeownership along with the luxuries of low-maintenance living by choosing a Bentley Home

Contact us to learn more about purchasing a distinctive townhouse in one of Bentley’s prestigious community and to learn more about the specific benefits of townhome living and the HOAs in each community.            


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