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SWAT Team Conducts Training Exercise in Tredyffrin Township

February 20, 2020

On February 11, 2020, Bentley Homes donated the use of one of their residential properties at the corner of Upper Gulph and Radnor Roads so members of the Chester County Regional Emergency Response Team (CCRERT) could perform a realistic SWAT training exercise.

The CCRERT is a consortium of more than 25 local area police departments and law enforcement agencies who perform monthly SWAT training exercises. It was formed due to recognizing that specific critical incidents call for a law enforcement response that may exceed the capabilities of a single agency. The result is a regional partnership that cooperatively shares resources, equipment, and trains regularly to augment public safety.

The goal of the training was to improve both public high-risk incidents and offer safety methods for them. Brown said, “Having a house to train in provided a great opportunity for officers to conduct a mock exercise of responding to a hostage situation.” Part of the training included ramming the front door with the County’s bearcat and breaking & raking windows.

The training was organized by Lieutenant Timothy Brown, of the Tredyffrin Township Police Department, with assistance from builder Tom Bentley. This enabled the CCRERT to have a realistic training experience.


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