5 Misconceptions About New Construction Homes Debunked by Experts
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Common Misconceptions About New Construction Homes You Shouldn’t Believe

September 21, 2021

House hunting is an exciting adventure in life, but it’s no easy process. You need to find a home in your price range, a good area and with all the features you want. The downfall is that many homes require costly renovations to catch up with modern designs, installations and materials. This realization leads many new home buyers to look towards new construction homes as the ideal solution. 

Today, there are many misunderstandings about purchasing a newly constructed home, but the home building experts at Bentley Homes help to dispel those myths!

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New Construction Homes Cost More

Buying a brand-new home may come with a higher price tag compared to an older home, but that price tag doesn’t tell the whole story. A new construction home will last longer before any repairs are needed, be more energy-efficient and usually come with warranties.

What’s more, a decade down the line, your previously new home will have a much greater resale value than a 40-year-old house. 

There Are Too Many Decisions and Customizations the Home Buyer Must Handle

Many home buyers are put off by the idea of having to make critical home design and floor planning decisions. Fortunately, that’s only a misconception. Most builders offer only a couple of customization options, none of which are mandatory.

Bentley Home’s new construction homes on the Main Line in PA allows home buyers to choose from different floor plans, but they’re not asked to make customization decisions.

You Won’t Know How the Home Will Look Until It’s Completed

A Couple Taking A Tour of A Model Home On the Main Line PA

As someone in the housing market, you want to see a home before you buy it. There’s a common myth that people who buy new construction homes don’t know how the home will look until it’s built. The real story of new home buying is quite different.

Home builders will often have a few models complete that potential buyers can tour before purchasing anything. Furthermore, with modern technology, many home builders provide thorough and realistic virtual home tours.

New Construction Homes Take Too Long to Build

There’s a scary idea that if you want to buy a newly built home, you’ll have to wait half a year to a year to move in. However, that’s not true in standard cases. Many home builders will have a set of houses complete or near-complete that can be ready in a month or two. Alternatively, houses that will be constructed from nothing can be complete in anywhere from three to six months.

Working with a New Home Builder is Stressful

There may be a bad reputation when it comes to working with home builders, but it’s based on myth not reality. Home builders, like Bentley Homes, have ample experience working together with buyers to make the experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. 

Builders will talk you through the entire process, hear you out and dispel any concerns, and help you find the perfect model for your dream home.

With the most common home-buying myths out of the way, you can begin your search for a new construction home worry-free. Talk to Bentley Homes to learn about how we can help make your choice for a new home a simple and straightforward affair. 


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