11 Local Businesses You Need to Visit in Berwyn, PA


11 Local Businesses You Need to Visit in Berwyn, PA

April 21, 2021

A new, rising community is being built along the mainline in Berwyn, PA. The Tiburon new home community is located in one of the top Pennsylvania school districts, Tredyffrin-Easttown. Plus, only minutes away you can find the welcoming and prosperous downtown Berwyn which is home to great food, ample green space and plenty more. 

One of the best parts about finding a new home in Berwyn, PA, is the community you’ll join. There are plenty of local businesses that support the community and each other. Now, you have the perfect chance to join this group and contribute to a local, fast-growing economy! By doing so, you’re not only helping your neighbors, but you’re also helping foster a productive environment that attracts more families, talented artists, teachers and more. All in all, you’re making your community a better place to live! Check out some of the local businesses in Berwyn that you must visit below.

New Bentley Home Tiburon Community in Berwyn PA

That’s Sew Cool

For over 20 years, Kathy—the shop owner—has been offering unparalleled creative services. Through That’s Sew Cool, Kathy provides services such as graphic design, company branding, and custom decorations with print, rhinestone, sign vinyl and embroidery.

Worldwide Collectables & Gifts

Since 1974, Worldwide Collectables & Gifts has provided residents with high-quality collectibles at a reasonable price. This gift store is a unique and inspiring local business sure to impress all visitors!

Mainline DIY Studio

Learning to create beautiful art and home décor couldn’t be easier for Berwyn residents thanks to Mainline DIY Studio. This local craftsman and artist teaches locals how to make their own décor from scratch through online video tutorials.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a stunning bouquet? Now you can from StudioFlora! This local florist offers in-home workshops and parties complete with supplies and additional crafts. 

Shady Dog Records

If you’re a record-player enthusiast or even a music lover, Shady Dog Records is for you! This Berwyn local business is full of old records to browse and buy. Plus, they regularly get shipments of new records to satisfy the music junkie needs in town.

Kramer Drive

Kramer Drive is a local stationery business specializing in high-quality designs and materials. The store was founded by and presently owned by two sisters. The two women learned the importance of small business principles from the start, and today they still stick to them.

Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery

Every town must have some quality bakeries in the area. Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery is that and more! The local bakery makes incredible baked goods that are not just tasty but also downright impressive.

EM J’s Café

As a local favorite eatery, EM J’s Café is a must-visit. This café serves just what everyone wants—breakfast all day. Plus, EM J’s Café offers catering, runs as a BYOB and is family-owned! 

Sweet Jazmines Bakery

If you’re looking for a bakery run by a classically trained chef, Sweet Jazmines Bakery is for you. This local hotspot creates stunning baked goods that consistently win awards like “Best of Philly”.

La Cabra Brewing

No town is complete without its own brewery. La Cabra Brewing fills that need perfectly. This popping place offers an array of craft beers, competitive happy hours, taco Tuesdays and is the perfect place for locals to gather on the weekends!

Berwyn Tavern

With a pool table, attractive deck and plenty of tasty food and drinks, the Berwyn Tavern is a centerpiece of the town. This local tavern has it all, from live music to game nights to sport-watching events, making it the perfect low-key pub in the area. 

Berwyn is the Perfect Place for Your New Home

If you’re looking for a new place to call home that has life, creativity, and opportunity, Berwyn is the perfect place for you. What’s more, Tiburon provides you with a comfortable, family-style home that offers both privacy and accessibility to the local community. Check out our new homes today!


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