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2021 Interior Design Trends

March 19, 2021

With an extremely hectic 2020, home enthusiasts now have something to look forward to with the new year’s design trends! Since we’re all spending more time at home, it’s important to make it exactly how you want. Whether you’re into nature-inspired homes, clean and modern styles or a new and bold kitchen remodel, 2021 has it all! 

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker Chair With Pillow Next to Flowers

Many people are looking to make their homes seem more in touch with nature. People want to reduce their use of synthetic products and opt for something more environmentally friendly. Thus, there’s a growing trend in using natural products for furniture and styling purposes. You can find rattan bed frames, wicker plant pots, or bamboo lamps that all add a perfect touch of natural beauty.

Earthy Tones

Keeping up with the trend of natural beauty, many homeowners are choosing to repaint their rooms. Opting for earthy tones has and will become more popular than ever in 2021. People are looking for tasteful greens, varying shades of browns, dampened oranges, dark blues, and even modest reds. Add earthy tones to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or your bathroom to experience your slice of nature.

Industrial Styling

For those who want an attractive, easy-to-maintain house, industrial styling just may be the way to go. With exposed brick, concrete walls, dark textures, and even metal shelving, industrial styling is making a big leap in popularity in 2021. The industrial look can also have several unique spins. You can make your living room rustic, futuristic, productive, or even comforting through industrial designs. 

Ceramic Styling

Go back a few decades and you’d likely see kitchens with decorative, ceramic backsplashes. Now go back a few years and backsplashes were less common – people opted for stylish and minimalist tiling. However, times have changed again. Now, stylishly designed ceramic backsplashes are back in! With a new ceramic backsplash, you can bring color, creative designs, and some individualism to your kitchen. 

Houseplants Galore

To pick back up on the nature trend, we know that people have been loving houseplants but, 2021 is seeing people go all out with the greenery. The best part is that you can decorate any room in your home with virtually any kind of houseplant you want. These lovely additions bring life, color and a sense of comfort to your home.

Having a Home Office is a Must

Overhead View of Desk With Laptop Camera Mouse Headphones Coffee Cup and Cellphone

This trend is a no-brainer. Many new homeowners and home designers have decided to put home offices as the center point in their design. To design your home office well, you must consider the space needed, functionality and the style of the office. Do you want a standing desk, a corner desk or a minimalist desk surrounded by bookshelves, plants and stylish lighting? You can choose!

The Bottom Line for 2021 Interior Design Trends

Every year sees new trends in home decoration and design, and all trends are based on the events of the prior year. Nothing could be truer now! The events of last year have shaped the way people are thinking about their homes. Luckily, for those looking for a new home in Chester County, PA to fit their modified lifestyle, Bentley Homes has you in mind! Contact us today to see some trendy new homes in your area.


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