Building your home is a privilege and a responsibility we take seriously. We recognize that what we create becomes part of each family’s history and memories.

Dear Mr. Bentley:

I would like to share with you our feelings regarding the positive experiences and the employees we incurred while building our new home at Whitegate. Having worked in service-oriented businesses throughout our lives allowed us to take great pleasure in being the person on the other side to receive such great service. There are so many in your firm that assists in bringing a home to completion; however, the few that we personally experienced were nothing short of pure professionals. You are so fortunate to have such concerning employees representing your business.

Hilary, as you already know, is surely an asset as being one of the first people one meets at this site. She in a moments notice was always ready and willing to assist the new homebuyer with any need to complete their dream home. Her sincerity and hard work went a long way in representing your well-deserved reputation.

Janet while having that upbeat personality allows anyone to feel immediately comfortable while touring your sample homes. She again with Hilary was a tremendous help while trying to make so many decisions. Their light attitude made the process much more enjoyable.

May DeGeorge’s articulate attention to detail is first class. Her professional attitude is pleasant and her perseverance shows that no job is too difficult for her to tackle.

The consistent hard work of Jason clearly shows that he has his heart and soul in his work. His well-educated experience of the building business helps the homebuyer feel confident with every walk-thru up to the final inspection.

In this fast paced world when dealing with a majority of people that “just want to get the job done” while having a “don’t care” attitude, your employees are a pleasant change from the norm. We strongly believe that these above-mentioned individuals played a major part in making the entire building process an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, our family hopes to have many happy years in our new home thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you.


Gregory and Elaine, Whitegate Homeowners

Dear Tom:

I am not one given to writing testimonials, but I want you to know that because of your Associates at Whitegate, my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying the building process for our new home.

From the initial visit, Hilary and Janet have been most gracious and helpful with each form of information needed for purchase. Even though we move over to different personnel at each stage, they always look pleased to see us, and willing to answer whatever we ask.

As we move to the selection process of myriad proportion, May has been there at each step. She is making sure all of the details, no matter how minute, are recorded, priced, confirmed, and ordered. I am sure all of the buyers find other options that interest them, and she willingly prices each addition in a timely manner. She remains patient, even when we cannot be available to concentrate on the selections at the right times.

Jason is well-schooled in his knowledge of construction, and his insistence on quality. Often times when I stop at the site past 7 PM, he is there. We have come to the belief that he could not be more careful if this was his own home.

You are to be commended for your selection of Associates.


Midge, Whitegate Homeowner

Dear Tom:

My wife, Ann, and I want to thank you for the excellent service you gave us with the (warranty) repairs to our home. We are very happy in Summerhill. Your company is a cut above the rest in the home building industry. The reason for that is they have people like you that care and get the job done.

Thanks again,

Paul, Summerhill Homeowner

Dear Tom,

In late 2004 we wrote to thank you for the wonderful experience of buying a new Bentley home and to commend the individuals that made the process a success-Susan Pavolitch and Dave Thorley. Over the past five months that we have lived in our new home, these two individuals have continued to be very supportive-assimilating us into the neighborhood / development / new homeowner process.

Thank you again,

Diane and Pierre, Saybrook Homeowners